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Neuropsychological assessment with children and adolescents provides an invaluable overview of your child's intellectual and academic strengths and weaknesses. The reasons that parents seek such an assessment are varied, but inevitably lead to recommendations to assist your child to move forward both at school and at home.   

The decision to pursue a diagnostic autism assessment is a challenging one, but beneficial where children do meet criteria in order to pursue appropriate early supports. At Sage, we offer autism assessments from children through to adults, using gold standard diagnostic assessments.

Neuropsychological assessment is offered for adults and older adults. The range of services we provide is extensive and can be modified to meet your referral question, from questions of diagnosis, to the highlighting of strengths and weaknesses following stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury, to a review of your intellectual abilities for career planning.

The Sage Memory Clinic (SMeC) aims to assist in diagnosing adults and older adults who are experiencing changes in their thinking, behaviour or memory. These changes may include confusion, slowness in thinking, difficulty concentrating, language difficulties, forgetfulness or personality changes. The SMeC provides a screening assessment.

Capacity Assessment

Adult Cognitive Assessment


Sage Clinical Psychology is a unique and diverse practice offering services in neuropsychological assessment across the lifespan, delivered by our highly experienced and dedicated team. A second branch of Sage provides therapeutic support for those in the performing arts. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

Working in the Performing Arts and Events can be very exciting and inspirational, but it can also be unstable and overwhelming, and mental health concerns are common. Sage Clinical Psychology offers specialised support and consultation services for the performing arts. 

Performing Arts Wellness

Autism Assessment

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Capacity assessment covers financial, medical, and everyday decision-making in addition to testamentary capacity which can all become compromised with various neurological conditions and intellectual impairment. At Sage, our comprehensive neuropsychological capacity assessments are able to assess an individual's capacity and educate plans for the future.

Child Cognitive Assessment