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Performing Arts Wellness

Creating and working in the performing arts sector is a privilege, however, it is also a high-risk industry for mental health concerns. Some challenges include the highly personal and subjective nature of the work, the competitive culture, separation from social supports while on tour, highly variable work status, to name but a few. Rates of mental health concerns have been consistently reported as higher than the national average, including increased stress, poor sleep, high rates of anxiety, high rates of depression, increased drug and alcohol use, and increased risk of suicidality. Thankfully, there is a groundswell within the industry to appropriately address some of these concerns and mitigate the risk. Sage Clinical Psychology is very pleased to be part of this wellness movement. 

Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley, along with her work in clinical psychology, has a long history working as an artist in the performing arts and has 15 years of personal touring experience, and is pleased to provide wellness and support services specifically for the performing arts sector. 

Jane currently provides wellness support to Bell Shakespeare and CDP Theatre Producers Touring companies by engaging company members in pre-tour wellness workshops and provides tele-psychological support while the company is on the road. Jane is also working with Arts on Tour NSW and the Arts Wellbeing Collective VIC to provide open access resources to promote and support wellness throughout the industry. She is available for private psychological sessions, company wellness programs and industry consultation.

For more information about Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley, please click here or visit LinkedIn or ResearchGate.


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